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Why Hillary Lost: What Women Can Learn From the 2016 Election

It’s 2017 and America is still reeling from the most negative and divisive election in history. Many thought this election would shatter the glass ceiling, installing the first woman into the Presidency. Instead, an election night shock gave the electoral vote to someone the press, the media and the pollsters had counted out. There are

7 Steps to Bragging the Right Way

You CAN Learn to Brag in 7 Easy Steps. New ebook teaches how to promote your accomplishments the right way. In 7 Steps to Bragging the Right Way, Renee Weisman provides an easy to follow guide to letting other people know about the great work you do without sounding like a braggart. To be seen as

5 Ways to Get a Man to Listen eBook

Renee Weisman’s ebook, 5 Ways to Get a Man to Listen, offers a fresh perspective on men and women in relationships and business. It is packed with advice for everyone, from the beginning job seeker to the person whose career has plateaued, to the wife who carries the lion’s share of the home/family burdens, to