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Proven Success Strategies from an Expert

Starting a new career is exciting and challenging. If only there was some set of rules to follow or some magic formula that could help you as you start on your journey. Don’t you wish someone could just go “Poof,” and you’d have the benefit of what others have already learned? Then again, maybe there

Part II: What to Do When Your Boss is Wrong

After my last article on What to Do When Your Boss Is Wrong appeared on WomenCo., I received a number of notes from friends and coworkers. Most found the advice helpful. One went so far as to say “I’m sure I’ll be able to put this to use every day!” and informed me he was

What to Do When Your Boss Is Wrong

We’ve all been there. You’ve been handling a client, solving a problem, preparing a major presentation, planning a critical marketing meeting, and your boss or supervisor disagrees with your approach. The boss tells you how to do it, and you are convinced that it won’t work. What do you do? Do you cave in and

Stand Up and Make a Change

Is there a new job you want to apply for but you don’t think you are qualified? Do you want to start your own business but you’re afraid you don’t know enough to make a go of it? Do you want to meet more people but you are shy and don’t function well in large