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Why Hillary Lost: What Women Can Learn From the 2016 Election

It’s 2017 and America is still reeling from the most negative and divisive election in history. Many thought this election would shatter the glass ceiling, installing the first woman into the Presidency. Instead, an election night shock gave the electoral vote to someone the press, the media and the pollsters had counted out. There are many people analyzing what happened and everyone has an opinion. Was it the Russians, Comey’s untimely announcement, ignoring middle America, moving too far left to attract Sanders supporters, underestimating the frustration many American’s were feeling, Obamacare premiums, or some other factor? That is NOT what this book is about. Let the pundits and historians argue about that.
Instead, this book focuses on the gender issues and what career women can learn from Hillary’s loss. Unfortunately, even in 2016 America, women must understand and overcome certain biases to succeed. This book will focus on those behaviors by showing where Hillary underestimated the female disadvantage and what a competent woman could do in similar situations. Whether it would have changed the election is not the point. What women should and should not do to succeed in a world where gender biases still exist is.

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