Leadership Classes for Men and Women

Some comments from seminar attendees :

“Renee rocks”……  G.F.      Deloitte Inc

“I really enjoyed Renee’ presentation because she was speaking to my heart on things I could do better” ….. S.C.   Society of Women Engineers

“The feedback from Renee’s sessions was tremendously positive”.  T.S.    IBM

“Your advice was right on. It gave me the confidence to address an issue with my supervisor and I would never have done this without the session. Everything went even better than I planned.”   E.B.   Stern School of Management

“You are an inspiration and a great role model to all working women.  Your advice is pragmatic and works.”     H.L.    IBM

“When I’ve found myself in a tough spot, I’d say to myself, “What would Renee do in this situation?” and I would always follow the right path from there. ”  K.S.  IBM

“Renee motivates those around her to look at situations with a different perspective.”  R.S.   IBM

” I loved the book”.   W.E.   Pfizer

“Renee is a model for all who are success oriented. Her advice is excellent.”….G.H.  OAO Technology Solutions

“Combining the seminar with practical exercises I can do over and over again as I make career decisions was great. ”  R.K.  IBM

“A great seminar! Very useful information that I can use with my team”    D.B.  Pfizer

” I enjoyed Renee Weisman’s presentation as well as her expertise. She gave me a useful tool to evaluate where I am, where I want to head, and what getting there requires.”   from American Society of Civil Engineers seminar.

“Renee knocked their socks off! What a fabulous job she did!”    A.S.  American Society of University Women.

“I had passed out a handout with one of your articles to my intern students and a student said your advice got her a nice raise.  She prepared a sheet with  her notable accomplishments from the last few years and asked for a raise at her recent evaluation meeting.  Her boss was much impressed and said she did not realize what all the person had been doing.”     S.C.  University of Texas

“Renee’s book, Winning in a Man’s World, is chock-full of useful advice for women and men alike at all stages of their careers.  I share it with my students. ”        J.N.  Marist College

I wanted to thank you again for your excellent workshop at our Voices Conference .   J.C. Penn State

Renee thank you for a truly wonderful seminar!
The feedback which I received so far was all extremely positive. As you suggested, I kept saying thank you very much and I received lots of credit for organizing your talk! L.D.    IBM research

Examples you give come from my world, and advice is spot on. You have done a great service to technical women.  M.V. Intel